Results Lubricating, LLC has developed a patent pending switch lubrication process which will increase profits by reducing overhead, time and effort.

Our product is a specialized paintball capsule filled with lubricate specifically designed to be applied to mechanical switches used in various industries such as; Electric Utility Companies, Amusement Parks, Railroads, and Cable Lifts & Cars worldwide. Our product is environmentally safe, and can be easily applied to all types of mechanical switches at safe distances using a paintball marker.

Electric Utility substations consist of thousands of mechanical switches. With our product you can easily and safely lubricate a switch without de-energizing the entire grid. By lubricating switches you prevent their failure, which in turn you avoid costly down time, expensive switch replacement, all of which saves the company money.

All mechanical switches, especially those exposed to nature’s elements, will eventually need lubrication or fail. Proper lubrication allows switches to perform properly and extends their useful life diminishing replacement costs and downtime.

Results Lubricating, LLC has developed a cost cutting, safe, and fun way to apply lubricant to mechanical switches in hard to reach areas. Regular lubrication of switches helps prevent dangerous and costly malfunctions and total failure. Without lubrication, switches will fail.

If you need further information or would like to schedule a no obligation demo at your facility, please contact us at 614-595-4583 or send an email.