Pricing Information:
Lubricate capsules each bag contains 500 individual capsules.
1 bag of Oil filled capsules containing 500 encapsulations (Item #1004)
1 bag of Grease filled capsules containing 500 encapsulations (Item #1003)
Shipping charges – product will be shipped prepaid and added to invoice.

Item Description U/M Price
1003 Grease Filled Capsules – Red PRO (call for pricing)
1004 Oil Filled Capsules – Yellow SL Trib (call for pricing)
1005 Sniff ‘n’ Stop Filled Capsules – Green (call for pricing)


Equipment (one complete kit sold at start up)
1014 Belt Pack w/tubes (call for pricing)
1015 Coiled Remote Connector (call for pricing)
1016 HPA Tank 3000 psa (call for pricing)
1018 HPA Fill Station (call for pricing)
1019 Applicator Tool Case (call for pricing)
1020 Collapsible Stock (call for pricing)
1021 Lubricant Applicator Tool (call for pricing)
1022 Optical Sighting Device (call for pricing)
1025 Offset Site Rail