Grease Results LubricatingOur synthetic grease (Red Capsule #1003) is composed of synthetic oils, organic thickener, corrosion inhibitors, solid lubricants and contains no solvents. It is classified as a CARB (California Air Resources Board) friendly product. It is designed to protect components from the environment and offers very good water washout protection.

A study conducted by Entergy demonstrated that our system reduces the pull force needed to open MOAB (Manually Operated Air Brake Switches) systems resulting in a 22% reduction in force required to open and 37% reduction in force required to close the switches helping to avoid work-related injuries.

This material will not become gummy, sticky, dry out, separate or bleed oil over time. Its synthetic formulation is active from -80 to 400 deg. F. This product yields over 210 hours in ASTM B-117 (Salt Fog Humidity Chamber) testing.

The capsules that contain Results Lubricating’s grease are bio-degardable and will dissolve in 4-6 weeks if left outside. This assumes normal precipitation and sun exposure.

Do not allow the capsule to be stored in a humid environment or be exposed to temperatures over 110 deg F for extended periods of time as degredation of the capsules will occur. Store the capsules in a cool, dry environment.


  • Switches
  • Contacts
  • Stationary Components



ASTM Method

Typical Test Results

Operating Range, Min °F, Max °F

-80 °F to 400 °F

Evaporation 22 Hrs @ 210 °F

ASTM D-2595


Evaporation 22 Hrs @ 350 °F

ASTM D-2595


Load Wear Index @77 °F

ASTM D-2596


Weld Point – Load

ASTM D-2596

200 kg

High Temperature Performance 350 °F, 10,000 RPM, 5 lb

ASTM D-3336

1,000 Plus

Low Temperature Torque @ -65 °F, Starting

ASTM D-1478

3,040 g-cm

Low Temperature Torque @ -65 °F, Starting

ASTM D-1478

410 g-cm